Software Solution

We are a technology Investor, incubator and Solution Partner. 

For a growth-stage organisation, we help you in improving and scaling products and solutions leveraging disruptive technologies and combined design and engineering innovations to make you successful.
Let us help you to embrace the opportunities our partnership brings, being a technology and solution Partner.

Few solutions offered are listed below.


‘AI’ based API driven mobile technology platform for multi service transport segment platform.


‘AI’ based API driven mobile technology solution for retailers – agents – distributors.

Doc Drop

Documentation / Purchase application  for Construction Industry.


Multi-vendor sales and distribution platform / SaaS-based Ordering and Delivery Platform.

The strategic tie-up is made with domain Solution Experts & Startups, to meet the project requirements.

Contact us with your requirements – specifications, to assist you accordingly.

Contact us with your requirements - specification, to assist you accordingly.