Wireless Automation Services

Industrial Radio Remote Control Systems

Type 1 : Wired (Cable) Remote
Type 2 : Wireless Remote Control &
Type 3 : Wireless Remote & Backup cable
These remote controls can be retrofitted / installed with any electrical / hydraulic / pneumatic machineries. Supplied to Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) for Locomotives, AGVs, Drones, Heavy Drilling Machines etc., Special “Retrofit Kit” is available to convert the traditional lever based hydraulic machines into “Wireless Remote Control”, with out changing the existing hydraulic valves.

Industrial WiFi / Interface products

These Industrial WiFi products help us to achieve Cable replacement solutions. Available for many applications including hazardous area, high-speed signalling etc.

Voice Solutions (Walkie- Talkies)

Multiple products are available with various options to choose from.
Type 1 : License-Free (up to 1km range)
Type 2 : With License – General Application
Type 3 : With License – Hazardous Area
Contact us with your requirements - specification, to assist you accordingly.